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  • LVMH or take over the beauty retailer Douglas market value of about 3000000000 euros

    2015-11-19 11:19:16
    International Corp. Advent, the US private equity fund, is ready to sell Douglas AG Douglas, the group's leading asset, the same name, the Holding JP, the Morgan, the Sachs Goldman, the company's private equity market. At the end of 2012, International Advent and founder Kreke Douglas Holding Three AG Beauty Douglas to complete the acquisition of Holding AG, and privatization. According to the non fashion Chinese network data, as of September 30, 2014, the Holding Douglas 2013/2014 AG revenue rose 3300000000 to 2% euros, if coupled with the acquisition of French beauty and perfume chain retail group Nocibé the contribution of 500000000 euros, the total revenue of 3800000000 euros in the fiscal year. Holding AG Douglas said the group's e-commerce business revenue is strong, has now accounted for about 10% of the group's total revenue. According to sources, Douglas recorded in 2015 2500000000 euros in sales, EBITDA is about 300000000 euros, due to the acquisition and expansion of Nocibé, Douglas current market value of about 3000000000 euros. In addition to the sale, Advent also prepared the IPO option, this dual track system is this year's private equity funds for its mid sized businesses to compare the preference of the way. Sources said the company also hired a Consultants Co to deal with Lilja IPO. Douglas Holding AG in 2013 from the German stock market delisted after the Group restructuring, sold its sweets retailer Hussel, to fully focus on the beauty business, and in February by a subsidiary of AI perfume France SAS acquisition of French cosmetic and perfume chain retail group Nocibé post, becoming the second largest beauty chain retailers. In addition the company also hired the investment bank Macquarie Group's book chain retailers Thalia sale, so the sale of Douglas mainly beauty business. At present, in addition to private equity funds took over the Douglas the maximum possible enterprise for LVMH, in addition to LVMH's a Sephora Sephora it also similar companies, allegedly LVMH early before advent acquired Douglas will glimpse squints Douglas has been a long time.
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