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  • The French Lancome Lancome in 100th Chinese elegant bloom Baoji Kaiyuan City

    2015-11-19 11:19:03
          September 5, 2015, the world's top grade cosmetics brand LANCOME Lancome officially settled in 100th Chinese cities — — Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, and held a grand opening event, the perfect and profound interpretation of the LANCOME Lancome has been to the world's women's Z beauty commitment “ beautiful life, there are LANCOME Lancome ”. To celebrate this event, L'Oreal Group Executive Vice President in charge of the Asia Pacific region and China CEO Bernhard green Mr., L'Oreal (China), vice president, high-end cosmetics, general manager of the Department of Min Hui Chen lady, Lancome (China) brand general manager Ma Xiaoyu lady and Kaiyuan Group Vice President Yao Jiangang, gathered in Baoji Kaiyuan mall together to witness Lancome brand in the birth of this milestone event in China.
    & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in 1935, Amand & rsquo; PetitJean Mr. embrace a vision to make women more beautiful, more happiness, creating a a belongs to the beauty of the dream trip, Lancome, was born. In 1994, LANCOME Lancome officially entered China, this is a symbol of the rose as a symbol of the Chinese women opened the door to the high-end cosmetics, but also inspired countless Chinese women's desire for beauty. All along, LANCOME Lancome has been listening to the Chinese women's voice, and continue to pursue skin care, makeup, and the innovation and breakthrough in the field of fragrance, with skin care beauty experience and cutting-edge technology, for Chinese women to bring extraordinary luxury skin care and beauty experience, won numerous Chinese women's favor and trust. LANCOME Lancome also for many years to become China's high-end cosmetics leader brand, highlighting the appeal and influence of this brand in China's ultimate. In the opening ceremony, the L'Oreal Group Executive Vice President in charge of the Asia Pacific region and China CEO Bernhard green Mr. said: & ldquo; Lancome is one of the important brand L'Oreal (China) Z & ldquo; and of Lancome Baoji Kaiyuan counters placed deep wishes and expectations. L'OREAL (China) vice president, general manager of high-end cosmetics department, Ms. Chen Minhui also talked about ” LANCOME Lancome opened the counter in the 100th cities of China to the brand and the entire high-end cosmetics sector is a meaningful thing, and believe LANCOME Lancome will open up more updated market ”. The brand can be settled in Baoji, also want to give special thanks to the strong support of the Kaiyuan Group, Kaiyuan Group Vice President Yao Jiangang Mr. expressed highly recognized brand and infinite expectation, I believe that Lancome will become Baoji Kaiyuan mall Z for excellent cosmetic brands. Ms. Ma Xiaoyu, general manager of the China brand Lancome LANCOME also visit the site, and share with you a brand in China for many years of brilliant achievements, and by the Chinese women's favorite reasons. In MS. Ma Xiaoyu's highly infectious speech, the presence of guests deeply felt LANCOME Lancome elegant, stylish, generous, luxury brand concept and brand strength and appeal, Z is important for Chinese women's deep concern and care and strong brand team, so that LANCOME Lancome continues to creator wonders. Speech session ended, four guests came together, together cut the ribbon, simultaneously champagne to celebrate the Baoji Kaiyuan counters of the grand opening. Lancome Baoji Kaiyuan counters as Lancome in China of the 210 counter, adhering to the Lancome Z new design concept, luxurious modern space reveals the unique charm of French beauty, bright and spacious design to bring consumers a relaxed and pleasant shopping experience. Lancome Lancome line of skin care, makeup, perfume available, Lancome beauty consultants will also for consumers to bring to perfection of the professional service and meticulous care, Lancome Z - the ultimate care and bring Baoji each a love beautiful female consumers. As stationed in China's 100 cities, Lancome will local consumers create a zxx, luxury and beauty, professional experience platform, highlight Lancome as XX high-end cosmetic brand demeanor.   Lancome has been the embrace of a realization of women more beautiful, more happiness great dream, give to really meticulous care, only for women around the world to bring lasting in the heart of self-confidence and beauty! Beautiful life, always accompanied by LANCOME Lancome!
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