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  • Cool for school too is about to enter the United States throughout the SEPHORA stores

    2015-11-19 11:18:55
    BNT cool for school too is widely acclaimed in overseas markets. Cool for school too recently said that the brand is about to be settled in the world class SEPHORA, the United States market.
    October 2nd, cool for school too will be a great response in the DINOPLATZ SEPHORA and egg series, etc. 43 products, officially settled in the United States 46 SEPHORA stores. Sephora is owned by LVMH the world cosmetics circulation of the integrated enterprise, in France, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States and other more than 30 countries and regions to open stores more than 1850, sales of the world's many famous brands of skin care, makeup, body care and hair care and so on products. South Korean brand cool for school too has been successfully into the Hongkong, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries and regions, the adoption of the United States SEPHORA, but also to the international beauty brand of a big step forward. Cool for school DINOPLATZ too has been met, Balm& Treatment, Lip,, Z,, the, the first of the formal entry into the SEPHORA. Recently, too cool for school also participated in the period of four days and three nights in the Sephora national annual large-scale sales activities Sephora SDCA (store director conference of Americas), a variety of products won the Sephora stores beauty consultants and assistants and other relevant persons alike. Cool for school too, said “ we have a unique brand image and characteristics of the United States has received great attention in the United States SEPHORA. It is a great honor to be able to show our products to the United States by SEPHORA. In the future, we will continue to carry out product development, the introduction of more unique products to meet consumer needs, with high quality and novel design to attract more attention of consumers around the world. ” Cool for school too? Too cool for school & ldquo; school” etymology is & ldquo; (FISH) Group & rdquo; too cool for school meaning as & ldquo; in the group of very cool & rdquo. Cool &ldquo &rdquo for school too has been committed to creating high quality, unique design, reasonable price, and the price of the product, which is popular with young consumers. In the downtown area, South Korea's baronial, Myeongdong, tree lined Road, department stores and the duty free shop are equipped with stores, while products are also exported to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and other countries and regions, deeply affected by the Asian consumers. 2014, cool for school too successfully settled in France with a representative of the concept of shop Colette, in October this year, will be settled in France XX Haussmann Galeries Lafayette. In October 2nd officially settled in the United States too, cool for school SEPHORA will become more popular and look forward to the international beauty brand.
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