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  • Activate the vitality of the industry high index can meet life cosmetics listed

    2015-11-19 11:19:44
    & ldquo; throughout the domestic economy as a whole, within the range of macroscopic economic development still remain stable, industry structure adjustment and steadily, showing a thriving highlights, and for all industries, facing the grim economic form, the current urgent need to do is identify the industry to run the main vein, to see where the whole tendency of the development of the industry, in the trend respect objective rules, always adjustment and market along the blooming. Based on the development of the enterprises themselves and then focus on the benefits of improved, with long-term approach to solve enterprise current situation encountered difficulties, play a new energy listed companies in the financing and brand extension & rdquo; the words from in the domestic cosmetics mainly, joint advertising planning, information collection and other integrated power company life of petty bourgeoisie and cosmetics, chairman of the board of directors of the mouth.
    & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; it is reported that petty bourgeoisie life cosmetics franchise relying on Hong Kong, a unique geographical advantage, a strategic cooperation with manufacturers around the world, large wholesalers. All the products in the life of petty bourgeoisie cosmetic stores above, there will be qualified Chinese label, mark the product name, material, net content or solid content, native country or region, acting as agent or distributor in China legally registered name and address, production date, shelf-life or shelf life. Both in product safety or in the channel are fair and open, and it is because of the life of petty bourgeoisie accurate clear positioning, just a few years, petty life development and formed in Guangzhou as the center, radiation of the landscape, facing the next serious economic form, September 2015, petty official in the sea before equity trading center listed < br / > & nbsp; & nbsp; in the face of the petty bourgeoisie life choices market moves, chairman of the company said this is the life of petty bourgeoisie the brand development to a certain stage must be to develop the strategy. The future in the cosmetics industry competition will become more intense, to play good & ldquo; lasting war & rdquo;, enterprises not only have to maintain a reasonable growth rate, but also to promote the brand news level towards the end, and petty life market, is conducive to deepen the brand definition, reduce market barriers, activate the vitality of the brand, both investment and the subsequent development are able to form more opportunities, with listed platform to optimize economic structure of enterprises lifts petty life brand development has leapt to a new level
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